2. Share POCP

After creating your POCP, exchange your POCP with people you trust. This is your key in building a trusted network within Chatmint. Once POCPs are exchanged, you and your contacts are established as 1st-degree connections, enabling you to chat with one another securely.

POCP : https://arbiscan.io/token/0xc089f89bF74aFE65f9d3746478520b6e87b665CE

How to share your POCP?

  1. Open the Profile Tab and click on "Personal POCP"

  1. Click on "Share"

  1. Make sure that you have enough Arbitrum ETH in your wallet. You can top up the balance by sending Arbitrum ETH to your wallet. Note : Make sure to send ETH on the Arbitrum One Network , here is a guide to ensure your wallet is on the Arbitrum Network (https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/how-to-add-arbitrum-to-metamask)

  1. Once you have topped up your wallet, make sure your other balances are also > 0, then you are good to go! The reason why you require Arbitrum ETH is because every transaction requires a little bit of gas fees. Don't worry its not a lot! Once done, click on "Select"

  1. Choose your user you want to send your POCP to by either searching or scrolling, then click "Next"

  1. Once you have selected your user, click on "Share"

  1. Click on "Confirm"

  1. Congratulations! You have successfully shared your POCP! The balance for Arbitrum ETH will take a few seconds before it is updated.

  1. Once the other party has accepted your POCP request, you two will be considered as 2nd connections!

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